About the book

Do you like being at a beginners level or do you feel useless and insecure when you are trying something new?  

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to give up while others keep on trying when facing difficulties?

Motivated - Feedback, mindset and the ability to grow.

Based on my research, I have written a book about some of the factors influencing people’s ability to grow and learn, at work, in the classroom or when engaging in a new hobby.

I have analysed different aspects of motivation and in this book I give examples from everyday life that can be useful to better understand why a person seem unmotivated and if there is something you can do to help. Some of the factors involved in feeling motivated are own and other peoples expectations and the type of feedback we use.

This is a book is for leaders – such as teachers and parents who want to increase the possibilities for a person to feel motivated. But it is also a book for you who want to understand why you sometimes do and sometimes don’t choose to take on a challenge to learn something new.


I hope you will enjoy reading this book. Order it here.

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